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Public Records
City Clerk

Public Records

Records of the City's public bodies, including the City Council, trusts, commisssions, committees, advisory groups, task forces, study groups and departments will be open for inspection and copying during regular business hours.

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the City's official records, including City Council items, Council minutes, City ordinances, contracts, claims, agendas, budgets and plans.

Many of these records are already available on this web site.

Other records are available through the City Clerk's Office at City Hall, 200 N. Walker.

Records obtained through the web site are for informal reference only. Because the possibility exists for these records to be altered after download, the City can make no guarantee as to their accuracy. If you need certified copies of records, you must buy them directly from the City Clerk's office.

Download a copy of the records request form here.

List of Fees effective June 1, 2003

The City of Oklahoma City recognizes and supports the right of the public body to be fully informed about their government and desires to comply with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, codified as 51 O.S. §§ 24 A. 1. et seq., while simultaneously protecting the privileges, exceptions and rights of all persons identified, named and/or otherwise involved in such records, including without limitation, the privacy interests of individuals, and/or all State, Federal and/or other recognized confidential information and privileges are protected. Moreover, this schedule of fees is applicable to all records released by The City of Oklahoma City unless otherwise provided by law.

photocopy of public document, hard copy or microfilm
8.5 X 14" or smaller $0.25
larger than 8.5 X 14" $1.00

search fee

per quarter hour $4.00
search fees are charged when the search is solely for commercial purpose or would clearly cause excessive disruption of essential city functions
computer generated reports, audio and video tapes
per hour of computer time $35
plus search time

Payment in advance is required when

  • the number of documents exceeds 50 pages
  • a search time of three hours or more is estimated
  • a computer or audio time of two hours or more is estimated
expedited search of flood zone and flood map information
$25 per tract of land requested
 5 x 7", on photo paper
$3.50 each
 as electronic files, on City-issued media if available and resources allow
$10.00 each
 custom photographic fee in addition to all other fees, if available and resources allow
per quarter hour $6.00
 search fee
per quarter hour $6.00
 electronic media for image storage
handling charge for mailing or shipping, or to electronically deliver or transmit documents, per request, if available and resources allow
per quarter hour $4.00
plus postage
certification, official seal
per page $1.00
Council agenda packet subscription