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Historic City Hall
City of Oklahoma City

City Hall – the Municipal Building – is the historic 'capitol' of Oklahoma City government.

Art deco motif inspired City logo

This elegant art
deco motif
inspired the City's
'sunrise' logo.

The Municipal Building was built in 1936 as part of a civic improvement program. It cost $585,257, paid for with a WPA grant and a municipal bond issue.

Marble compass

An inlaid marble compass is the
centerpiece of the Municipal
Building lobby.

The Municipal Building is part of a larger Downtown area originally known as Civic Center, and was part of a comprehensive City plan developed by Hare & Hare, a well-known Kansas City-based architectural and planning firm of the 1920s and 30s.

Civic Center included City Hall, the Municipal Auditorium (now known as the Civic Center Music Hall), Civic Center Park and the old Police Headquarters Building on N. Shartel.

City Hall houses the offices of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, Municipal Counselor, City Clerk, City Auditor and Public Information and Marketing.

It also houses the Action Center and the City Print Shop.

City Hall also contains a broadcast control room for City Channel 20, the City's government access cable channel.

A historic 46-star U.S. flag has been donated to the City and now hangs in the second floor lobby of City Hall.

The elegant art deco motifs on the east and west entrances inspired the City's logo, adopted in 2004.

Seven varieties of marble were used for the interior, and original decorative accents have been preserved on each floor.

Of particular interest are the shell stone-topped marble wainscots. The focal point of the lobby is an inlaid Travertine marble compass.

The building underwent massive interior renovation from 1995-98. During that time, City Council met in the basement of the Civic Center Music Hall. When Council returned to its chamber at City Hall, the dais or horseshoe had been moved to the opposite end of the room, and computers and other modern electronic amenities had been added. A new press box had been installed directly above the spot where the horseshoe had been.

Indian Head chandelier

The council chamber's art deco
chandeliers are accented with the
head of an Indian chief.

Still in place, though, were the chamber's unique design elements, including Indian head chandeliers overhead.

The Council chamber is used by many other departments and agencies, including the Airport Trust, Water Utility Trust, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and OCMAPS Trust for public meetings.

An exterior refurbishing and landscaping in 2002 included the replacement of all of the building's windows with energy-efficient lookalikes.

The motto over the east and west entrances to the building reads, "Dedicated to the people of Oklahoma City and for the preservation of good government."