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Alarm Permit guide
The City Of Oklahoma City

Permit Requirements and Fees

How much is the new permit?
The fee is $27 for your new, one-year permit.  The annual renewal charge is $17.

How often do I have to renew?
Permits must be renewed every year.  Your annual renewal deadline will be the last day of the month we issue your permit.

Will the City let me know when it’s time to renew?
As a courtesy, renewal forms are mailed to all permit holders at the mailing address on file.  However, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the permit is kept up to date.

I’ve never had an alarm permit – who is required to get a permit?
Anyone with an automatic fire or security alarm system in a home or business within the Oklahoma City limits must have a permit.

I have a fire alarm and security alarm.  Do I have to get two permits?
No.  Only one alarm permit is required per address.

I just moved into a new home/business with an existing alarm.  Is the old permit still valid? 
No, permits do not transfer to new owners or new locations.  As a new owner, you must re-apply for the permit and pay the fee.  We also will need to update the information for that address. 


Getting Your New Permit

An application must be filled out and returned with the fee to get the new alarm permit.

What’s the process for getting my new alarm permit?
You can pick up an application at any Police or Fire station, the Permits and ID office or go click download an application at the top left of this page.

Fill out the alarm permit application and mail it with a $27 check or money order to: 

Oklahoma City Police Department
Permit and ID Section
P.O. Box 268837
Oklahoma City, OK  73126

What’s the actual application deadline?
Permits are valid for one year from the month of issue.  A new permit should be filed within fifteen days of installation of service.

False Alarms

How much is the penalty for false alarms?
The ordinance provides for an “excessive false alarm fee” of $65 when the Police Department responds and $107 if the Fire Department is called out.  Alarms are considered excessive if there are more than three false alarms within any 365 days.

Are those fees the only penalty?
No – the City can actually revoke alarm permits under certain circumstances.  This would involve serious actions such as making false statements in an application, refusing to fix faulty equipment when officially notified or making bogus check payments.  Six false alarms in any 365 days can also result in revocation.

If my alarm goes off by accident, can I do anything?
Yes.  You can cancel the call.  If you know your alarm has gone off improperly, call your alarm company immediately.  If the call is cancelled before officers or firefighters arrive, it won’t count as a false alarm.

What can I do to prevent false alarms?
Ensure that all responsible parties know how to properly operate and maintain your alarm system.  You may want to consult your alarm company for its recommendation. 

If you need further, detailed information regarding Oklahoma City alarm ordinances, check MuniCode, which provides web access to Oklahoma City's Municipal Code.   Alarm ordinances begin at §43.82.

The Permits and ID unit is located at 616 Colcord Drive.  Our phone number is 405 297-1109.