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Assault on Officer Chad Peery
Date Posted: 2/18/2011 8:34:52 AM
Case Number: 11-011433       

Incident # 11-011433


Arrested Person #1:  Rinken, Joshua Bernard (W/M, DOB: 8/6/1982) of Norman, OK

Arrested Person #2:  Smith, Jimmy Dan (W/M, DOB: 7/5/1982) of Tuttle, OK

Arrested Person #3:  Lopez, Cadmio Antonio (W/M, DOB: 6/19/1979) of Newcastle, OK


On 2/15/2011 at 10:17 p.m., Oklahoma City Police were summoned to Dan O’Briens at 2747 W. Memorial Rd. regarding an off-duty Oklahoma City police officer who had been assaulted.  When officers arrived they discovered Officer Chad Peery seriously injured, just outside of the front doors of the business.  Officer Peery was transported to O.U. Medical Center in critical condition. 


Investigators have learned that Officer Peery had been at the business for a short period of time when he was approached by an employee of the business who recognized him as a police officer.  The employee notified Officer Peery of a disturbance that was taking place inside of the business.  The three arrested persons listed above were loudly arguing with other patrons of the business.  Officer Peery, who was unarmed, interceded and asked the men to leave.  As Officer Peery was escorting the men from the business, two of them, Mr. Rinken and Mr. Smith began to assault him.   Mr. Lopez actively prevented anyone from coming to the aid of the officer as he was being assaulted.  Officer Peery suffered a serious spinal cord injury during the attack.  The three suspects then fled the scene.  A fourth man who was with the three suspects inside of the business, was not involved in the assault on the officer and was not arrested.  All three persons involved in the assault had prior knowledge that Officer Peery was a police officer. 


Witnesses at the scene gave responding officers descriptions and tag information on the suspects’ vehicles.  Mr. Rinken and Mr. Smith were located at Louie’s at 9101 S. Western.  Mr. Cadmio was located at a different Louie’s located at 9401 Lake Hefner Parkway.  All three were interviewed at Police Headquarters and then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on the charge of Maiming.  Mr. Cadmio also had an outstanding misdemeanor city warrant.


The family has established the Chad Peery Donation Fund at the Municipal Employees Credit Union (MECU).  Donations can be made at any of the following four MECU locations:

·         Downtown – 101 N. Walker

·         North – 3561 W. Memorial

·         South – 8812 S. Walker

·         West – 9012 N. Council Rd.

For more information on how to donate, contact MECU at 405/813-5500.


Captain Patrick Stewart