Skate Parks

Are you ready to shred? The Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department offers three skate areas perfect for BMX, boarding and skating fun. All three parks are skate- or ride-at-your-own risk, non-supervised facilities designed for skateboards (34" maximum length), in-line skating (four wheels maximum per skate) and BMX freestyle bikes. Each offers a different level of course difficulty, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Mat Hoffman Action Sports Park of Oklahoma CityMat Hoffman Action Sports Park logo
1700 S. Robinson
Hours: Dawn to 11 p.m., year-round.

The Oklahoma City Police Department and Oklahoma River security monitor the park on a regular basis. 

For safety purposes:

Mat Hoffman Sports Park at NightRanked in the top ten skateparks in the U.S. in National Geographic's "The 10 Best of Everything Families: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers."  Click HERE to read more.

The Action Park is divided into two areas. The first is a flow course consisting of bowl combinations of varying shapes, depths and heights.  The second is a street course with ledges and handrails.  The two areas are connected with a 20’ wide sidewalk with all types of obstacles.

 Bowl Course
  • 11-foot half pipe
  • 10-foot oververt pocket
  • Panda bowl with 3 shapes
  • Volcano with sub box on top
  • Loveseat
  • Molehill
  • Waterfalls
  • BMX Berm
  • Rollers

Bowls range in depth from 5 to 11 feet

 Street Course
  • 8-stair with two hubba ledges and a handrail
  • Bank to flat bar
  • Bank to picnic table
  • Block Combos
  • Double set with a step up, hubba ledge and handrail
  • Manual pad

Other stuff

  • Transition decking
  • Flow Course
  • Steel Coping
  • Lighting
  • 25 Parking Spaces
  • Picnic Bench
  • Free Admission
  • Public Art

Route 66 Skate Court EntranceRoute 66 Skate Court
3350 West Overholser Drive
(just west of Route 66 Park)

South Lakes Skate Court
4302 SW 119th
(west of I-44 at 119th Street)

The Route 66 and South Lakes skate courts are geared toward the beginning to intermediate skater or boarder. Both feature above-ground ramps, slides and rails, and are adjacent to larger park areas with picnic shelters and playgrounds.

Protective gear must be worn at all times and participants must adhere to all park rules.

For more information about any of our parks, call 297-3882.