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Cox Business Services Convention Center
MAPS Projects

Renovation and expansion added more than 100,000 square feet to the former Myriad Convention Center.

It includes a new 25,000-square-foot ballroom and a sandstone-and-glass grand staircase. The interior features a subtle Native American graphic and indigenous materials such as granite.

Functional upgrades include integrated audio-visual equipment, updated electrical and mechanical systems as well as catering facilities. A new convention hotel adjoins.

The grand opening was held in August 1999. Additional roof replacement, exterior refurbishing and roof truss work was completed in August 2000.

The center was renamed in 2002.

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Cost: $60 million.

Architect: Glover Smith Bode, Inc.
1140 NW 63rd, Suite 500W
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

General Contractor: Flintco Construction Co.
2301 S. Prospect Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

J. L. Walker Construction, Inc.
205 N. W. 66th street
Oklahoma City, OK 73116