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September is EMSAcare month

September is EMSAcare month in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City residents have between now and Sept. 30 to change their participation in the EMSAcare program. More

MAPS 3 Oklahoma River Improvements update

Program Manager David Todd updated the Oklahoma City Council Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2015, on the MAPS 3 Oklahoma River Improvements whitewater rafting and kayaking channel. Massive pumps will send water rushing down the concrete channel, providing a whitewater rafting experience minutes away from downtown Oklahoma City suitable for amateurs, families and professionals. More

Concept Transit Plan for Northwest Corridor to be re-presented at Sept. 29 meeting

Learn about a Concept Transit Plan for OKC's Northwest Corridor in a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 29. The meeting, located at the Tower Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, will detail a potential plan for multimodal transportation on the corridor running along N Classen Boulevard and the Northwest Expressway. More

Special collection for computers, tires, ammunition and medication set for Oct. 17

The City is hosting a special collection for unwanted computers, tires, ammunition and prescription drugs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 17 at State Fair Park. Bring an Oklahoma City water/trash bill to prove residency, because the event is open only to OKC residents. Syringes, liquids, inhalers, tire rims, televisions and wheels won't be accepted. More

Oklahoma City residents increasingly happy with OKC as a place to live

Almost nine out of 10 OKC residents rate their City as an “excellent” or “good” place to live, according to the results of this year’s City of Oklahoma City Citizen Survey.
The 88 percent of survey respondents who rate OKC so highly as a place to live represents a slight improvement over last year, and is 16 percent higher than the national average for large cities. More

Outdoor watering conservation program

Oklahoma City and surrounding communities have implemented Progressive Water Conservation Stages. Mandatory odd/even watering (Stage 1) is now permanently in effect. More

Oklahoma City launches Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program

Got a run-down sidewalk in front of your house? The City could split the cost of repairing or replacing it. The Oklahoma City Council voted Tuesday to create the Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program, which allows the City to pay for half of the cost of fixing eligible broken sidewalks. Up to $100,000 in annual funding is available. More

Sign up for Oklahoma City’s new email newsletter and alerts

Stay updated on what’s happening in your community by signing up for Oklahoma City’s new weekly email newsletter, City of OKC News. Go to to sign up. More

Report a pothole

See a pothole? Report through the City's Action Center.

Download OKC GOV mobile app

Oklahoma City officials launched a mobile app that makes it easier for residents to report code violations. The app, OKC GOV, is available to download free on Android and Apple devices from the Android or Apple app stores. More

Storm shelter giveaway for income qualified applicants

Oklahoma City is giving away an estimated 235 free storm shelters to Oklahoma City homeowners who qualify based on household income. To qualify, a family of two can earn up to $39,300; a family of four can earn up to $49,100 and a family of six can earn up to $57,000. The storm shelters are available only to Oklahoma City residents who were affected in some way by the May 19-20 or 31, 2013 storms. Damage as insignificant as downed branches could qualify. The applicant must own and live in the home to qualify. Rental property is not eligible. Call 297-2846 for details or visit

Storm damage relief for homeowners

Oklahoma City homeowners whose homes were damaged by wind, hail, flooding or a tornado during the May 19-20 or 31, 2013 storms can apply for financial help to make needed repairs. The financial assistance can help replace roofs, windows, fencing, floors and more and is available to homeowners who qualify based on household income. A family of two can earn up to $39,300; a family of four can earn up to $49,100 and a family of six can earn up to $57,000. Applicants must own and live in the home to qualify. Call 297-2846 for details or visit

Annual water consumer confidence report released

Oklahoma City’s 2014 Consumer Confidence Report is now environmentally friendly. You can read the report online, print a copy or download it. This annual report lets you know how Oklahoma City’s drinking water stacks up against stringent federal and state water standards and provides details about the source and quality of your water.

“Green loans” available to homeowners

Oklahoma City homeowners wanting to save money on their electric and gas bill by making their home more energy efficient can apply for a green home loan offered through the City of Oklahoma City. More

City Council Issues, Strategic Priorities & Key Results

City Council met to identify the major issues confronting the City over the next two to five years, and establish Strategic Priorities and Key Results that the City needs to achieve in order to successfully address the issues identified. View Council Priorities

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